Saturday, March 31, 2012

iRony: Google heavies up on traditional advertising; iPad one hot item!

How B2B media will benefit

As we wind up Q1, jobless claims this week hit a 4 year low and the financial markets ended the first quarter up 12 percent (based on S&P 500 and Wilshire 5000). But gas prices are up again, 22 percent since December to a national average of $3.92. Rising energy prices have weighed on economic confidence and cut into household budgets. That’s a drag on media spending and will be a significant concern for the Obama administration seeking re-election.

On Friday, the Prez said there was enough oil in world markets to allow countries to reduce their Iranian imports significantly, clearing the way for Washington to impose severe new sanctions intended to slash Iran’s oil revenue and press Tehran to abandon its nuclear ambitions. We’ll see how tough Obama stays as we get closer to the November elections with $5 per gallon gas prices, so expect more turbulence in the financial markets—and at the pump.

Google turns to traditional advertising

We got a kick out of this item in Tuesday’s Journal
that Google will spend tens, if not hundreds of millions of dollars on TV, magazine and newspaper ads to promote new services, including its Google+ social network and Chrome Web browser. You’ve got to hand it to the kids from Silicon Valley. First kill traditional media, then dominate what’s left of it—and perpetuate the “don’t be evil” mantra. You can’t make this stuff up!

It’s official, new iPad runs hot and apps more fickle

Venerable Wall Street Journal tech columnist, Walter Mossberg says it’s true. c/Net and Huffington Post say it might be true. Let’s see what loyal Apple customers and support staff have to say in this thread

Business and technology media gaining momentum

On the B2B media side, we got “guidance” from PIB, min and other sources that business and technology magazine will show encouraging page gains when the first quarter ad tallies are released most likely next week. Stay tuned as these two sectors, which depends on long sales cycles and “sweaty palms” decision across multiple points of contact, may be finally poised for a rebound. Expect both sectors to benefit from the Google ad blitz and Apple reputation restoration campaigns.


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