Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Future Is Already Here

Did you get the memo?

This is the time of year when we tend to take stock of what we’ve accomplished (or not accomplished) over the past 12 months and try to predict the opportunities and roadblocks we’ll encounter in the year ahead. If you’re too burned out from your budget meetings, revenue forecasts and Holiday parties, just file today’s issue away in your “shoulda’ oughta’ read if only I had more time” pile….it’s right next to your New Years’ Resolutions and that half-finished “Goals & Objectives for 2007” strategy document that was due two months ago.

We’ll save you the trouble.


Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Integrated Selling and the Changing Role of the Publisher

Industry thought leaders champion solution selling and idea generation over simply ‘moving pages’. Digital gets props. ROI trumps golf.

If we learned anything after three days of intensive ‘knowledge absorption’ at the recent 2006 Folio Conference in New York City it is this. Publishing professionals have to work harder than ever to earn business from their advertisers and sponsors. But, they also have more tools at their disposal than they used to and they’re having a great time learning how to utilize them for their clients’ benefit. Folio is the premiere annual conference for magazine and publishing professionals and we’ll share insights that we gleaned from the experts at roundtables, breakout sessions and one-on-one conversations.


Monday, November 06, 2006

Marketing Is All About Measurement and ROI Today

Marketing Is All About Measurement and ROI Today
Just be careful what you measure — and how you measure.

Many of you have been telling us that your biggest challenge these days is not building your brand, attracting new customers, generating leads and penetrating new markets. It’s justifying your budget to senior management by quantifying the results your marketing campaigns.

Slap Together a Banner. Sit Back and Count the Clicks

Think that’s online advertising? Think again.

I’m sure most of you are familiar with the old quip from department store mogul, John Wannamaker, who said 50 percent of all advertising is wasted, but he could never tell which 50 percent. Fast forward 100 years and it’s more like: “20 percent of my ad budget is really working, but I don’t know which 20 percent or why.”

Sounds crazy, but let me share with you some real life examples from our clients and their agencies over the past year or so.

Online Advertising: Where Does It Fit Into the Marketing Mix?

Online Advertising: Where Does It Fit Into the Marketing Mix?
It depends where prospects are in the purchase cycle.