Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Our Most Popular Posts of the First Quarter

It’s hard to believe we’re one fourth of the way through 2014, but it’s true. There’s never a dull moment on the political, economic, meteorological or sports fronts. And hopefully your business is experiencing the stress that comes with growing pains and pent up demand. Using our most popular blog posts as a barometer, your biggest concerns seem to be around managing staff, managing your time and understanding decision-making patterns.

Top 5 Posts: Jan-Mar 2014

5. Skill vs. Luck in Investing, Business and Tomorrow’s Big Games
Source: HB Publishing & Marketing Company, LLC 2014

Here are the key takeaways:

·         It pays to have your best people do their best work wherever and whenever they can be most efficient and least stressed. It’s no longer a matter of home vs. office; it’s about home AND office--and setting reasonable boundaries for both environments.

·        Friendly office pools can be great morale boosters and teach you a lot about your co-workers risk-tolerance, decision making strategies and comfort with ambiguity. Just keep the stakes modest.

·        True thought leaders are consistent, disciplined and concise. They respect the message recipient’s time, they deliver on what they promise and they always return favors.

·        Get your staff invested in your business, not just in raises, job titles and perks. The more they feel like stakeholders instead of employees, the more likely they’ll go the extra mile for you.

·       Great innovators, leaders and coaches know that good luck happens when preparation meets opportunity. They also know why they’re successful and they have systems in place for making their success persistent and repeatable.

Treat your people the right way and they’ll treat you, your clients and your board the right way in return—many times over.

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