Wednesday, May 30, 2018

HB Featured in ’25 Financial Advisor Marketing Ideas’ (Fit Small Business)

As many of you know, we’ve long advocated “Taking the High Road” when it comes to providing clients, prospects and followers with concise, highly relevant content. Thanks to the folks at Fit Small (FSB), we’re not the only ones who agree. FSB was kind enough to list us as #9 in their 2018 listing of 25 Financial Advisor Marketing Ideas & Strategies

Too swamped to produce regular original blog posts, but you don’t want to send out canned, aggregated content?

Try this approach

Every few days, share with your clients/prospects a link to an article or broadcast clip from the mainstream financial media (e.g., “New Tax Rules Allow 529 Plans Withdrawals for K-12”). But instead of just giving your audience another link and FYI, add some of your own color commentary about the topic. Explain why the New 529 rules are so beneficial to your readers and how the journalist/reporters could have done a better job of explaining the nuances of the new rules for college and prep school savers. If space permits, remind readers about the dangers of taking all the financial advice they consume in the mainstream media can be misleading—even if provided by ethical, hard-working journalists.

At a time when we’re all inundated with too much news, information and noise, you’ll position yourself as a true thought leader if you can be not only an aggregator and curator of valuable information for your clients and followers—but a value added “complexity filter” as well.

If you have time, there are 24 other good tips in the Fit Small Business article (it’s a very quick read)

Best, HB

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