Tuesday, July 24, 2018

HB Clients Featured in Philly Inquirer, Advisor News and Accounting Today

From stock market forecasts, to the dollar’s impact on emerging markets, to getting your firm to the next level of growth, HB clients educated the national financial media last week.

With respect to the dollar’s impact on emerging markets, our client Matt Topley (
@MattTopley), chief investment officer of Valley Forge, PA-based Fortis Wealth told the Philadelphia Inquirer that the greenback’s strength has hurt emerging markets where the majority of debt is dollar-denominated. As a result, emerging market stock markets sold off and are extremely cheap, explained Topley. “One fund we use for clients and which is my biggest position personally is DFA Emerging Market Value” (symbol: DFEVX), The fund trades at below book value, which is a buying opportunity,” Topley added.  The key takeaway is that if you think the president and other factors will push down the dollar, then this may be a point in time to start buying emerging markets.

Meanwhile, HB clients Bill Schultheis and James Nevers (Soundmark Wealth Management) told Advisor News last week that “There is nothing on the horizon that leads us to believe a bear market is imminent.” Soundmark’s forecast calls for muted economic global growth on the horizon as they explained in an Advisor News piece entitled Are Investors Losing Faith In The Stock Market?

Kirkland, Washington-based Soundmark expects common stocks to return somewhere in the 5 percent-to-7 percent range. “We have incorporated these conservative estimates into our clients' projections,” they added.

Meanwhile, our client Kyle Walters (@AtlasCFO), a partner at Dallas-based L&H CPAs and Advisors just published his latest guest column in Accounting Today (Are you committed to being a better firm or just interested?).

This is the time of year that CPA firms like to have their offsite retreats in which great ideas are bandied about, but rarely implemented upon returning to the office. To break through this inertia, Walters wrote that you have to set a realistic timeline for implementing change. “Start with a bite-size chunk that you can commit to implementing in the next 90 days—a change that will have a big impact on your firm and the value you’re delivering to clients. Call those your ‘90-day rocks.’ Don’t do five things—just do one.’”


Whether investing or overseeing a professional service firm, the winners today are those that set realistic expectations and always follow through on what they promise. That’s what our highest performing clients have figured out—and the media is taking notice. As Warren Buffet famously said, Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.

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