Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Advisors: 10 Signs Your Website Could Use a Remodel

Now’s the time of year when many of you are setting your budgets, goals and dreams for 2019 and beyond. Before that second cup of coffee is finished, the bean counters at your firm will undoubtedly start honing in on that slippery, murky line item called “Marketing.”

You know you need a better website and social media presence, but many analytical numbers people have trouble connecting the dots between a better online persona and new assets to manage.


First, how many potential clients are running for the hills when they find broken links, three-year old content and a site that comes unglued whenever you access it on a mobile phone or tablet? How many prospects who been referred to you are saying to themselves: “If that how they handle their website, what will happen to my hard earned wealth when they get their hands on it?” How many of your clients’ adult children or grandchildren are having their doubts about you as they become POAs and HENRYs (High Earners Not Rich Yet)? How many journalists, speaker bureaus and strategic partners are thinking the same thing after they decide to check you out for an opportunity?


Just like an estate plan, maintaining a professional website is an ongoing activity, not a one-and-done exercise. But, that doesn’t mean you have to do a complete teardown and start from scratch.
My colleague Patricia Creedon shared 10 signs that your website might be in need of a remodel. If more than two or three of her pet peeves sound like your site, it might be time for a checkup. Some of the most common digital potholes Pat sees on advisor sites include:
·        Poor resolution.
·        Weak security.
·        Faulty graphics.
·        Lack of printable resources.
·        Forcing visitors to do too much scrolling.

“It’s not that any of these make a website bad any more than some DIY wiring in your dream home makes the whole house a wreck,” writes Creedon.
But they are areas of concern that if let go, could become real problems because they could discourage potential clients.” 
Here are five more of Pat’s Pet Peeves when it comes to advisor websites.


In today’s digital age, prospective clients are doing as most of their due diligence about you online well before they commit to an initial discovery meeting. It doesn’t matter how strong the word-of-mouth referral is. If your website, LinkedIn profile and other pillars of your online presence are not up to speed, then that prospect is going to swipe left right past your door.


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