Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Survey: Highest-Performing Advisors Earn their Media Coverage and Bylines

It was great seeing so many of you last week at the NYC @AccountingShow. Here's a link to my presentation about the findings from the 2019 CPA/Wealth Advisor Confidence Survey™ with the one and only Rick Telberg @CPA_Trendlines. Click here for the presentation.

As shown below, the highest performing advisors tend to put the greatest value on public speaking, publishing under their byline and getting quoted in the press. Blake Christian (HCVT) and Kyle Walters (L&H CPAs) have long been regular monthly contributors to Accounting Today.

Guy Baker (Wealth Teams Alliance) was recently quoted in Forbes (New Retirement Bill Is Coming: The SECURE Act -Setting Every Community Up For Retirement Enhancement). Matt Topley was quoted in US News & World Report (8 Types of Passive Investment Risk) and James Nevers (Soundmark Wealth) was quoted in (Business Insurance: How to Safeguard Your Livelihood).

Anthony Glomski, author of the new book (Liquidity & You) also presented at the NYC @AccountingShow with a focus on habits of millionaire CPAs and CFOs.

Cecil Nazareth
, author of the new International Tax & Compliance Handbook was across town at the New York State Society of CPAs yesterday for a live presentation and webinar about international tax issues and changes post-Tax Reform. 

Meanwhile, Molly Grubb, author of the forthcoming book Build Your Dynasty will discuss Keys to Entrepreneurship at the LA Accounting & Finance Show next week.


Are you sensing a trend? These influencers make time in their busy schedules to speak, publish and share their knowledge regularly. Like going to the gym, they know that being consistent, working hard and having accountability partners is the only way to get results. They know there’s no secret formula, magic silver bullet or life hack for becoming an instant thought leader. Don’t let anyone tell you there is.

If you’re interested in building your thought leader muscles but don’t know where to start, reach out to us any time. We’re happy to provide you with some complimentary workouts.

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