Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Using Buzzwords, Clichés and Corporate-Speak Hurts Your Personal Brand

I had the honor of contributing to a recent Marketing Sherpa series on corporate buzzwords and lazy jargon. Marketing 101: What is baking in?

We all get pressed for time, especially during the crazy Q4 run up to the Holidays. It’s easy to easy to fall back on clichés and corporate buzzwords when you need to send a fast response, fill in the blanks, add a last-minute slide to your presentation or turn in a report or guest article on deadline.

As with any diet or fitness regimen, once you start cheating and cutting corners, you’ll start to lose your edge and there’s almost no turning back.

Take the time to choose your words carefully whether you’re writing for publication, responding to an email or sending a text. Every word counts—it’s all part of your personal brand.

Happy New Year.
Best, HB

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