Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Yes, Smartphone Users Are Responding to Ads
Response rates higher for smartphone users who’ve paid for content

A new survey by Frank N. Magid Associates for the Online Publishers Association confirmed what many B2B marketers have long believed--people ARE seeing and responding to mobile advertising delivered to their devices. And, if they’re paying for that content, then their more likely to be paying attention to you.

The OPA-Magid online survey found that nearly half (44%) of the U.S. Internet population owns a smartphone and within that group:
·         93 percent said they regularly access content and information
·         59 percent access the Internet
·         58 percent check email
·         47 percent check weather information
·         31 percent watch video
·         29 percent access news

Among those who consume content on their smartphones, nearly 40 percent say they have responded to mobile advertising. What’s more, 15 percent of smartphone users who consume content on the phone have clicked on an ad, 12 percent have used a special offer or coupon, and the same number have made a purchase either on a PC or at a store after seeing a mobile ad.

Focus on those who pay for content

Interestingly, researchers say ad response rates seem to be higher among smartphone users who have paid for content. One out of four U.S. smartphone owners (24%) have paid for digital content, according to the OPA survey, with 22 percent paying for video, 21 percent for entertainment, 21 percent for books, and 19 percent for weather content. Of those respondents, nearly four in five (79%) have taken action after seeing an ad, with 31 percent clicking on an ad, 30 percent using a special offer or coupon, 27 percent making a purchase on a PC, and 24 percent making a store purchase thank to a mobile ad.


Again and again we see that free only takes you so far. As B2B marketers are learning, not all clicks are created equal. Throw the “braggable metrics” out the window and focus on engagement stats from those who are truly engaged with the content environment in which you’re reaching them. That’s where your real leads are. Everything else is just fishing for “tire kickers.”


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