Thursday, February 05, 2015

The Power of Doing Your Own Research Studies

A number of you have been asking about doing your own research reports to cement your firm’s position as a thought leader in your niche.

Having your own branded research report is one of most powerful weapons you can have in your credibility marketing arsenal. After word of mouth referrals, it’s hard to beat the power of “accord to YOU!”

Last week, I co-hosted a webinar about the findings of an annual research report that we conduct for our client
Naylor, LLC and its media arm, Association Adviser. Naylor provides publishing and ad sales services to over 1,100 trade associations across North America and we get over 1,000 association execs each year to take our  comprehensive survey about association communication challenges. An executive summary of the results is released to all the state and national media that follow trade associations. Then a 100-page PDF copy of the results is shared with all Naylor clients in good standing. Others have to pay or do some sort of business with Naylor.

To keep the buzz going, we then host a webinar about our findings.

Although the results are geared toward trade associations, many of you are likely wrestling with similar communication challenges such as information overload, communications clutter and inability to customize messaging to subsets of your audience.

Here’s a free link to the Presentation.
Here are the slide
Here is a summary of the Q & A session that followed.

We strongly recommend the post-event Q&A if you’re doing a webinar.
Enjoy. And If you’d like to explore branded research and/or webinars, you know where to find us.

Best, HB


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