Friday, August 04, 2017

Did You Miss our Latest Posts About Innovation Myths, Email Intro Lines and Personal Credibility Killers?

We know many of you have been traveling lately and returning to overstuffed inboxes. So, here’s your chance to get caught up with your peers about ways to get more out of your people, your capital expenditures and your personal brand.

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When it comes to our post about fixing things first before you punt to innovation, Mike Delaney, a Philadelphia-based business consultant and former engineer weighed in. “That’s so true,” said Delaney. “Many of our big problems are the little ones left unattended.”

Michael Kelly, Senior Group Director at market research consultancy, Naxion concurred: “Evolutionary biology is another analogy,” explained Kelly. “Highly innovative, but it starts with what's already there. There’s no such thing as a clean slate."

While we live in a fast-paced, tech-obsessed society, sometimes the simplest solutions to our biggest challenges are right under our noses. Think before you hit the send/post button and see if you can repair things that have served you well before you go on an innovation/disruption binge. If you don’t, you just might make a bad situation worse.


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