Wednesday, December 27, 2017

New Books by HB Publishing Clients Help You Flex Entrepreneurial Muscles

What could a surfer from the Midwest, a snowboarder from California and a field hockey coach from India possibly have in common? Answer: They’re entrepreneurial financial advisors who love working with fellow entrepreneurs.

They’re also book authors who recently collaborated with HB Publishing & Marketing Company to unlock more than 100 combined years of wisdom about successfully planning your business exit, avoiding international tax traps and seeing around the corners to make your firm and your own career more successful. If you like concise real-world client examples rather than textbook theory, you won’t be disappointed with the three new releases below:

International Tax & Compliance Handbook (with special emphasis on India-US)
Author: Cecil Nazareth, CPA, CA, MBA, a former professional field hockey player from India and a partner of Norwalk, CT-based Nazareth CPAs. Nazareth said a lack of knowledge about international transaction rules and reporting requirements leads to very poor decisions that can trigger significant financial penalties, even jail time. ”Too often even very smart individuals and very savvy companies don’t know what they don’t know,” observed Nazareth. “That’s what inevitably gets them into hot water as FBAR, the Panama Paper and the Paradise Papers have taught us.”

Liquidity & You: A Personal Guide for Tech and Business Entrepreneurs Approaching an Exit

Author: Anthony Glomski, founder of Los Angeles-based AG Asset Advisory. The Midwestern-born world traveler, now an avid surfer and Porsche club member, said successful entrepreneurs work tremendously hard to build their companies, but too often overlook the importance of having a transition plan for Act 2 of their post-liquidity lives (emotional risk). They also tend to have a significant overconcentration of personal wealth tied up in their businesses (financial risk). “Change is constant. Challenges are inevitable. The only way to survive is to create a solid support team around you and never give up,” noted Brian Vickers, a NASCAR driver who wrote the forward to Glomski’s book.

The Benefits of Becoming a CPA-Preneur: Break the mold; never be the most boring person in the room
Author: Blake Christian, CPA/MBT
a partner of HCVT, one of the nation’s fastest-growing CPA firms. Christian grew up surfing the waves of Long Beach, CA and now surfs the snow in Park City, UT when not in the office. Christian stressed the importance of learning how to get outside your comfort zone to become proactive rather than reactive. If nothing else, that means bringing solutions to clients (or your bosses) before they ask for them. “The days of being a financial historian and looking through the rear-view mirror are over,” observed Christian. “Being proactive is so much easier than undoing client’s bad decisions after the fact.”
Like Christian, Glomski finds many parallels between surfing, the business world and life. 

“Sometimes when surfing, you get pulled underwater by a big wave. The instinct is to fight the force of the wave, but what you really want to do is surrender to the power of the wave,” explained Glomski. “If you do, you will eventually float back to the surface. You’re at the mercy of the ocean, just like you’re at the mercy of the market. You can’t fight the market, but if you stay within your plan and don’t panic when things get rough, in the end, you’ll likely come out on top.”


All three authors are very candid about the influence that their parents and families had on their careers. My parents sacrificed a lot to give me and my siblings a great education and left us with these words of wisdom,” related Nazareth:
  • “Always give more than you get.”
  • “Challenge yourself and hold yourself accountable.”
  • “Inspire, motivate and bring out the best in yourself and others.”

Great words of advice to keep in mind during the Holidays and beyond.

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