Wednesday, January 03, 2018

HB Clients Attracting National Media Attention

Burning the midnight oil may seem lonely at times, but your efforts did not go unnoticed by your clients or the national media. Those of you who’ve been making your weekly Gut Check™ accountability calls are 5-times more likely to obtain coverage and guest publishing opportunities.
Here’s a sampler:

BLAKE CHRISTIAN, CPA explained to Financial Advisor Magazine readers how the potential elimination of the AMT Slams HNW Clients on Real Estate. “Repeal of the alternative minimum tax could have a significant impact on investment plans,” said Christian. “Under current law, alt min’s top rate is 28 percent. Its elimination would drive many AMT clients into the 35 percent bracket and push them to invest in tax-free municipal bonds,” added Christian, a partner at HCVT LLP in Park City, Utah. Christian recently unpacked the Trump Tax proposal on the Mountain Money podcast and keys to opening a new office on the Journal of Accountancy podcast.  Blake was recently interviewed on Sarder-TV about his new book, “Becoming a CPA-Preneur, Never Again Be the Most Boring Person in the Room.
KYLE WALTERS, a partner of Dallas-based L&H CPAs & Advisors landed regular guest columns in Accounting Today (The Power of the Red Chair) and CPA Trendlines (How to Avoid Getting Run Over or Left Behind). Hint: Staying in your lane will not get it done in today’s complex advisory service super highway.

SAMUEL BETHEA, The Rosewood Group’s president, was among the cybersecurity experts profiled in Digital Guardian.
"When it comes to security measures in a small business, the metrics generally fall into two categories: internal protection and external credibility,” explained Bethea.

Chief Investment Officer of Fortis Wealth in Valley Forge, PA told The Street why Millennials Are Scared and This Is the Financial Reason Why. He was recently published in Planned Giving Design Center (Top 10 Life Advice Comments for Millennials). Hint: Get off Facebook and learn how to write, speak and network in the real world, advocates Topley.

ANTHONY GLOMSKI, founder of Los Angeles, based AG Asset Advisory  is frequently asked to comment about cutting-edge issues at the intersection of finance and technology. Take Bitcoin and blockchain technology. Glomski told US News & World Report that "Blockchain appears to have the potential to be as transformative as the internet.” However, he cautioned that at this stage you’re talking about “speculation rather than an investment. This phenomenon is as old as the tulip bulb bubble of 1634.” Glomski was also interviewed on Sarder-TV about his new book, Liquidity & You: A Personal Guide for Tech and Business Entrepreneurs Approaching an Exit.
Also check out other provocative new books by our clients:

According to the 
Wealth Advisor Confidence Survey™ 2017 that we conducted with The Financial Awareness Foundation, half of advisors (48%) say that being quoted in the press is a “Very” or “Extremely” effective way to enhance thought leadership. Nearly two thirds of respondents (63%) say the same about writing articles for publication. Respondents were 5-times more likely to cite these channels than to cite mainstream social media (other than LinkedIn).

Are you sure you don’t have time to publish, speak and grant interviews in 2018?

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